Delivery & Shipping




  • Availability of the Products


The availability of the Products is displayed at the time of placing an order.


Each Product is however manufactured by the Company’s suppliers on request, so errors or changes may exceptionally arise, such as in case of stock outages of raw materials at a supplier of the Company or due to a large number of orders being placed for the same Product.


Should a Product be unavailable after the placing of an order, the Company shall inform the client as soon as possible and shall offer to either replace the Product ordered by a different Product or to cancel the order and issue a refund.



  • Delivery of the Products


The countries to which Products can be delivered shall be listed on the Web Site upon the order being placed. Outside these delivery destinations, the Company shall be entitled to reject an order or to only accept it after estimating the carriage costs that will be incurred by this delivery.


The delivery costs and restrictions shall be stated during the ordering process. Deliveries shall be made by the carrier depositing the Products on a transport pallet in front of the block of flats or the house indicated by the client upon placing their order. All deliveries to the interior of the building or domicile of the client shall be subject to personalised quotes which must be accepted by the client in order to confirm their order.


In case of late delivery due to unforeseeable circumstances, the client should contact the Company to find out the additional timescale needed for delivery. Should delivery not have taken place upon expiry of the additional timescale disclosed to the client, the client may cancel their order by contacting the Company in writing. The client shall then be refunded within fourteen days following the Company’s receipt of the request for cancellation.

clients must however ensure that the delivery information they provide to the Company is and remains correct until the Products ordered have been received in full. The clients therefore undertake to inform the Company about any change in their delivery address and contact details that occurs between the placing of the order and the delivery by immediately sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of the Company’s customer service unit. Failing this, the Company shall not be liable for delivery delays or errors.


Should it not be possible to deliver the Products due to the client’s failure to comply with the delivery restrictions mentioned above when placing their order, the client may pick up their order in person from the warehouse of the closest carrier or may have to pay additional delivery costs.


The Company hereby disclaims liability should the failure to receive the Products or their late delivery be due to circumstances of force majeure as defined by the applicable law and court precedents.


  • Acceptance of the Products


Clients should check the content of the delivery upon receipt of their order. It is up to the client to check, prior to signing the delivery note, that the Products are all delivered and are in good condition and that they have not suffered any damage during transportation. The checking of the state of the Products shall be deemed to have been performed and approved by the client once the delivery note shall have been signed.


In case of a non-compliant delivery, clients should contact the Company as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 3 days following the delivery, to agree on a refund or a replacement.


Should the wrong Product or a damaged or defective Product be delivered, the client must raise clear and precise reservations on the delivery note. In case of delivery of a Product that is damaged during transportation and not flagged up on the delivery note, the Company shall be entitled to refuse any claim or request for reimbursement within the limits permitted by the applicable law.





Clients shall have 14 calendar days following receipt of the last Product they shall have ordered on the Web Site to exercise their right to withdraw from the order, without having to provide a valid reason nor pay any penalty.


In order to exercise their right to withdraw, clients must notify their decision to withdraw from the sale by way of an unambiguous declaration, without the need to provide any justification. clients may disclose their decision to withdraw from the sale to the Company by any means, such as by notifying it by post to the Company at the following address: Marbera-Studio 22 bis rue de Laugier, 75017 Paris, France. clients may also use the withdrawal form shown at the end of these T&Cs to exercise their right to withdraw.


clients must return the Product(s) at their sole expense and in the same state as that in which they received them, with all the elements of packaging, as soon as possible and in any event within 14 days at most following the notification of their decision to withdraw, to the address that the Company shall disclose to the client upon receipt of the withdrawal request.


Should a client withdraw from the sale, the Company shall refund them for those Products over which the client shall have exercised their right to withdraw using the same method of payment as that which was used for the initial transaction, unless the client expressly requests a different method of payment. The client shall not incur any costs in connection with this refund. The refund shall be sent as soon as possible, and in any event within 14 days following receipt of the Products by the supplier or as of receipt of the evidence of the sending of the Products by the client to the Company.


Clients are hereby informed that their payment may only be partly refunded, or not refunded at all, in case of damage to the Product(s) that are sent back pursuant to the client’s exercising of their right to withdraw as a result of handling by the client over and above what is necessary to determine the nature, the characteristics and the proper operation of the Products.


Clients are also hereby informed that the right to withdraw shall not apply to any bespoke Products that are produced on the basis of the client’s specifications.