Introducing ‘Amo,’ a sophisticated and modern side table that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality. Crafted from high-quality glossy lacquered wood, its minimalist design features rounded corners for a sleek aesthetic. The focal point of ‘Amo’ is the integrated rectangular onyx block, creating a striking contrast and adding a touch of luxury. Unlocking the cabinet door reveals a cleverly concealed shelf, offering discreet storage solutions. Elevate your living space with ‘Amo,’ where contemporary design meets practicality in perfect harmony.

Dimensions: H500mm x W330mm x D400mm

Maintenance : Your piece is unique and designed to last a lifetime. All our marbles are treated, however, a little care will ensure the longevity of your marble piece. We recommend to use a non-abrasive cloth with mild soapy water. Avoid bleach, vinegar or similar cleaning products.

Variations: All our pieces are handmade and made with natural materials. For this reason, each piece may be subject to variations in color, shade, texture, pores and mineral intrusion. This should be considered an asset as it adds value to the final product, making it unique and exclusive.

Lead time: 4-6 weeks.